Episode #35. The Fighter Factory - Tom "TK" Kurtz III - General Manager.

Warbirds over the Beach with Fighter Factory General Manager "TK" and THE HANGARDECK PODCAST Team.

The Hangardeck Podcast Team Traveled to Virginia Beach to participate in the Warbirds Over the Beach 2016 Airshow.  We were fortunate to witness the first flight of Jerry Yagen's Messerschmitt Bf-109G.  First, we have to say, Jerry is an amazing host and provided us with the opportunity to record some amazing people he has flying and working with these unique aircraft. 

This episode we recorded Saturday May 21, 2016 with Fighter Factory General Manager "TK" and talk about the Fighter Factory and his maintenance team. 

The Fighter Factory is the restoration & maintenance facility of the Military Aviation Museum, a recently built hangar located on the grounds of the Virginia Beach Airport located in Pungo, VA.  The Team maintains and restores WW2 & WW1 military aircraft.

With a large inventory of flying vintage aircraft from both the First World War and the Second World War and also other vintage aircraft from from the Korean war . Military warbirds, fighters, bombers, training aircraft and liaison planes. Go and see all these warbirds restored to their former glory on show at the Military Aviation Museum.

What a great interview with "TK" and tune in for more episodes and great interviews on The Hangardeck Podcast.