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Hangardeck: Podcast Advertising Gives incredible reach to aviation professionals

Make your message more memorable and reach military, commercial, and general aviation markets by advertising on the Hangardeck Podcast.  Aviation Entertainment podcast shows reach the serious aviation professionals who listen to podcasts, and 65 percent of listeners say they are more likely to buy an advertised product after hearing the show.

The Hangardeck Plan covers unique aviation topics and information for professionals on the go. Statistics show the Hangardeck Podcast episodes are a vibrant part of the of Aviation Podcast shows  and they also have staying power, drawing listeners not only during the episode release but continuing to accumulate downloads over the course of the week, month, and year.

To give advertisers maximum exposure, the Hangardeck Podcast publishes and promotes every podcast edition in several different communications channels:


  • iTunes, Sticher Radio, Google Play Music, Spotify

  • The Hangardeck Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media sites

Primary advertisers receive both verbal recognition at the beginning of the podcast and a 30-second commercial during the 10, 20, or 30 minute advertiser breaks of the podcast.

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