Episode #34. Warbirds over the Beach with Spitire Pilot Big John and his son Little John.

The Hangardeck Podcast Team Traveled to Virginia Beach to participate in the Warbirds Over the Beach 2016 Airshow.  We were fortunate to witness the first flight of Jerry Yagen's Messerschmitt Bf-109G.  First, we have to say, Jerry is an amazing host and provided us with the opportunity to record some amazing people he has flying and working with these unique aircraft.  This episode we recorded on Saturday May 21, 2016 with Pilot John "Pappy" Mazza.  Pappy discusses his time at the Military Aviation Museum.

John, "Pappy" Mazza has been flying his entire life; as a matter of fact he took his first plane ride at the age of 1 Month.  When Pappy was nine years old he was given a check ride by an FAA flight examiner and passed the check ride for a private pilot's license due to Pappy being only nine years old.

On his 16th birthday, he soloed and went on to et his commercial license, single engine land, multi-engine land and instrument rating.  Today, Pappy has over 4,500 hours in over 40 different aircraft, flying everything from a J-3 to an F-16.  He has flown in aerobatic competitions and raed in both the formula "V" and formula one class of air racing.  Today, he flies the museum's PT-17, SNJ, P-40, B-25, PBY Catalina, and of course the Spitfire.

What a great interview with Big John and his son Little John and Stay Tuned for more episodes and great interviews on The Hangardeck Podcast.