Episode #66. WWII Normandy 101st Airborne Veteran, Sergeant Norwood Thomas Jr.

101st Airborne WWII Normandy Veteran, Sergeant Norwood Thomas Jr.

101st Airborne WWII Normandy Veteran, Sergeant Norwood Thomas Jr.

In this Episode, 94 year old WWII Normandy 101st Airborne Veteran Norwood Thomas Jr. Tells his an amazing story from his Jump into Normandy and Glider Operations.  This man is an amazing hero during WWII and tells his story to The Hangardeck Podcast at the Military Aviation Museum's Warbirds over the Beach.  We are pleased to bring this episode to our listeners.  Enjoy the story of SGT Norwood Thomas Jr.

Episode #64. The CAF Minnesota Wing B-25 Pilot "Jolly" Roger at Warbirds over the Beach 2017.

The Commemorative Air Force, Minnesota Wing, B-25 "Miss Mitchell"

This episode was recorded with US Air Force Pilot "Jolly" Roger.  We recorded this interview in the Navy Hangar at the Military Aviation Museum during the Warbirds over the Beach 2017 event.  Thanks to all the Pilots at the Commemorative Air Force for supporting The Hangardeck Podcast.  Enjoy "Jolly" talk with the crew on the CAF B-25 "Miss Mitchell."

Episode #62. The "Project" with Screen Writer - John Orloff on site at Warbirds over the Beach 2017.

Screenwriter John Orloff

Screenwriter John Orloff

This episode was recorded with Band of Brothers Screenwriter, Mr. John Orloff.   We recorded this interview in the Navy Hangar at the Military Aviation Museum during the Warbirds over the Beach 2017 event.  Thanks to Museum Director Mike Potter for coordinating this great interview.  


Episode #32. Warbirds Over the Beach with BF-109G Pilot Rick Volker

The Hangardeck Podcast Team Traveled to Virginia Beach to participate in the Warbirds Over the Beach 2016 Airshow.  We were fortunate to witness the first flight of Jerry Yagen's Messerschmitt Bf-109G.  First, we have to say, Jerry is an amazing host and provided us with the opportunity to record some amazing people he has flying and working with these unique aircraft.  This episode we recorded on Sunday, May 22, 2016 with Pilot Rick Volker.  Rick explains the flight characteristics of the BF-109G on it's first flight on May 20, 2016.

Rick Volker entered the competition aerobatic world by storm, winning numerous regional Unlimited contests, such as the Can-Am, Henry Haigh, and Kathy Jaffe Challenges. Rick is a former competitor in athletic events such as swimming, speed skating, bicycle racing, cross-country skiing and body building. Such is the type of conditioning required to fly at this level, as it tests the limits of human endurance. While flying Unlimited aircraft, Rick alternates between plus-11 and minus-9 Gs often in the same maneuver. Unlimited pilots train for this type of extreme flying with the same intensity as any other fitness sport.

He has competed in aerobatic competitions for many years in high performance aircraft such as the Pitts Biplanes and Sukhoi monoplanes. Rick is known for flying the WWII Supermarine Spitfire MK IX in a spectacular display of surface level aerobatics. He is one of a few pilots in the world qualified to fly the rare Messerschmitt Bf109E, and has flown the same serial number Bf109 as Hans-Joachim Marseilles in an air show dogfight routine vs. the Hawker Hurricane. His other qualifications include brilliant displays of the Hawker Hurricane MK XII and the Harvard Mk. IV. He was a member of the exclusive Canadian Heritage Flight team where he flew the Spitfire Mk.IX in close formation with the CF-18 fighter. He is a piston warbird, high performance, and formation aerobatic ACE (Aerobatic Competency Evaluator).

There is a common theme in all of Rick’s displays: complete mastery of the aircraft’s possible flight envelope, pushing the boundaries of both low and high speed limits, and artfully utilizing the smallest 3 D space to create a masterpiece of entertainment.

Rick is featured on the PBS series “The Aviators” Season 1, Episode 8.

Enjoy this Episode of our first on-site interview series of The Hangardeck Podcast from the Warbirds over the Beach 2016 Airshow.

Episode #31. The Helicopter Pilot with CDR Sam Maroon (ret.)

In this Episode of the Hangar Deck Podcast, the team discusses Flying US Navy Helicopters with Helicopter PIlot, CDR Sam Maroon (ret.).  Sam discusses dynamics of flying as a Helicopter Pilot, large carrier based helicopters to include water landings.  Sam talks candid about landing and flying this awesome cold war carrier based anti submarine helicopter.  Listen to this great Episode on being a Helicopter Pilot and thanks for supporting our Podcast.