Episode #41. The WWII Messerschmitt Me 262 with Test Pilot Wolfgang Czaia.

Wolfgang with the Fighter Factory Manager "TK" with the Military Aviation Museum's ME-262.

In this Episode of the Hangardeck Podcast, the team has the privilege to interview aviation and aerospace expert Test Pilot Wolfgang Czaia.  Wolfgang discusses the first production jet fighter, the ME-262, and the history, flying characteristics and how many reproduction aircraft are flying today.  It’s an amazing discussion that we guarantee to satisfy your itch for unique aviation discussions. 

We have been working on this episode and are very proud to bring our audience this special interview with Wolfgang.   Wolfgang flies the aircraft once a year at the Military Aviation Museum – “Warbirds over the Beach” so if you are an aviation enthusiast, you MUST see this first hand.    

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Video Credit:  Fight To fly - This is a compilation of video and a few photographs I was able to capture and compile for video. I had originally attempted this a year ago, shortly after its delivery to Jerry Yagen, however, technical issues crept up, preventing me from finishing it until now.