Episode #20. Building your own aircraft with Mr. Joe Tierney.

In this Episode of the Hangar Deck Podcast, the team interviews U.S. Navy AFCM (NAC/AW) Joe Tierney (ret.).  Joe has been a private pilot since 1982 and he has always had the desire to be around aviation. Joe chased his dream and passion for aviation and recently built his own VANS RV-7 experimental airplane.

Pitchlock Pete, Fast Eddie and Raging Rick talk exclusively with Joe on his aircraft build efforts from kit selection to engine selection and avionics selection. Sure, every home built aircraft has its own challenges but if you’re determined like Joe, then you are sure to succeed. Make sure to check out the details of this amazing project at www.mykitlog.com/jbtierney.

Listen into this episode as Joe explains the challenges and milestones from the first rivet to the first flight and FAA certification of his experimental VANS RV-7 aircraft build.  We hope you enjoy this episode, Building your own aircraft with Mr. Joe Tierney.

The Hangar Deck Podcast Team continues to strive and bring great interviews for the aviation enthusiast.

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