Episode #18. The Brunswick Naval Museum and Memorial Gardens with Mr. John Briley.

In this Episode of The Hangardeck Podcast, Pitchlock Pete and Co-host Fast Eddie along with our Contributor Andy White ‘Whitey’ talk with the Brunswick Naval Museum and Memorial Gardens President Mr. John Briley.  John and his members have started an organization to preserve the history of the closed Naval Air Station Brunswick (NASB), Maine.

John details for the Hangardeck crew when the Museum idea was first discussed and how popular it is to former base residents and the local community.  He explains the Museum’s purpose and how they would like to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the history of naval airborne patrol, especially the history of NAS Brunswick and naval units based in Maine; and to maintain a memorial to those service members who gave their lives in service to their country.  To that end they are planning toestablish and maintain museum facilities, maintain the memorial gardens, collect and preserve artifacts, photographs, documents and other materials pertaining to that history, and mount ongoing educational activities including exhibits, research, publications, seminars, workshops, lectures and outreach programming.  John’s teamwill also provide a place for veterans to meet and get referrals to or information about community and veterans’ services. how many members, sponsors and which facilities they are looking to display some of the memorabilia and static display aircraft.  If you would like to be a member of the Brunswick Museum or sponsor this great effort contact John at www.brunswicknavalmuseum.org.