Episode #15. Save the P-3 Firefighting Orions – Part 2.

In this sequel to the first Part – Save the P-3 Firefighting Orions, we talk with Dale Head and Dan Mathern on the specifics of fighting fires using Air Tankers.  They have great insight and expertise that most aviation professionals overlook.

The audio is choppy in areas due to our Skype link with Dan.  He is dialed in right after a flight with his company and took the opportunity to join the conversation with our team.  I have to say it’s quite dynamic to get many people connected to the show then I thought.

As the discussion goes, there are great points made on the P-3 Orion and it’s role as an Air Tanker.  Remember, these aircraft are currently parked and doomed unless we come together as Aircraft Enthusiasts and contribute to the Orion Arial Fire Fighting Indiegogo campaign.  If you can donate just a buck, they would be very appreciative.

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