Episode #13. Rescue Swimmers – NAS Key West – Early 90s.

These stories are rarely told about this special US Navy Search and Rescue Unit.  I am proud to have been part of a great cohesive unit.  Most Open Ocean rescues that normal people are exposed to are on TV and usually include the US Coast Guard.  The US Navy does not share the same exposure as does the US Coast Guard so we are bringing some of these stories to you from the Hangar Deck Podcast.  Listen to the men who participated in these actual dangerous open ocean rescues and their participation during Hurricane Andrew.  I can assure you the stories are real and it did happen the way these men describe them.  From delivering babies to night time Cuban Refugee Rescues these are the stories.  The Hangar Deck Podcast Team is proud to present this episode and dedicates this to all the men and women serving as Rescue

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