Episode # 11. Aircraft Automation Dependency.

In this Episode, Pitchlock Pete, and the Hangar Deck Crew welcome special Guest Brian Mills who we have official deemed him the nickname ‘Blazing Brian’. The topic for this Episode is Aircraft Automation Dependency.

Blazing Brian’s resume includes a vast military and commercial aviation background. A US Navy P-3 Flight Engineer for 22 years, Brian continued his Career flying for a major Cargo Carrier and as an FE has flown the 747-100 and 200 series legacy aircraft. Brian has always had the desire to pilot aircraft and has owned and piloted a Cessna 172 aircraft for many years. In most recent years, he has upgraded his licensing and now flies as a first officer on the 747-400 Aircraft.

The Hangar Deck Podcast Team talks with Blazing Brian about automation on the Flight Deck and his current and past training that most carriers require of their pilots. In addition, we briefly touch on the Asiana Flight 214 mishap.

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