U.S. Navy E-2 Aircraft Almost Crashes from Arresting Gear Malfunction.

by Pitchlock Pete

September 2, 2016 - What an amazing story that does not get enough attention in Aviation News.  We often talk about the mishaps but never the Near Mishaps and the amazing aviators that overcome challenges to keep their crew and aircraft airborne.  Through this amazing circumstance this amazing US Navy Officer and Pilot relies on his training to recover from a near survivable situation. a must watch.

Video Contributed by Daily Military Defense & Archive

On 19 march 2016, a US Navy E-2C tried to land on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) aircraft carrier but due to technical failure on the arresting gear, the Grumman E-2 Hawkeye failed to stop and rushed to the sea. Fortunately the crew of the E-2C were well trained and managed to recover the plane.