The Hangardeck Podcast moves it's website to Squarespace.

May 8, 2016

I've been working on moving our website in the last week or so to a Squarespace account vice the current WordPress account.  Although an easy transition transferring the URL to Squarespace, I am still working through the RSS feeds to our multiple sponsors.  All the Podcasts are available in the Podcast Menu selection and can be listened to at any time.

I've found that developing with Squarespace is much cleaner and allows all the same functionality to Code as the WordPress account provided.  This is all in preparation to the upcoming On-site Warbirds over the Beach 2016 upcoming weekend.  Check the new website out at

Another nice feature that boggled me with the WordPress account is that I have turned all comments ON with a click of the mouse.  That's right, our audience can make comments on any Blog at any time.  Which includes all of the Podcast Episodes.  I encourage all of your feedback on all the Content we have provided. 

Taking this experiment to the next level.  Thanks to all my close friends and family supporting me on this adventure.